Friday, August 31, 2007

And So I'm 25

So my birthday was just fab. My peeps at work threw this great little potluck party and put up signs & flowers on my desk. I got floods of emails with warm wishes for my special day. AND then, went home and John told me he was taking me to Red Lobster. You may not know this about me but I'm not a huge fan of The Red Lobster but non the less, I smiled and said I was excited. He went back to getting himself ready for about ten minutes. He came back. "Well, maybe we should go to Outback instead" Well I'm never one to turn down the sweet treat of a steak. So I smiled and said I was excited. Then ten more minutes later he comes back and says "Well actually I couldn't really come up with anything cool, so we're going to 54 street" So again I smile and say that will be great. So about this time Gran arrives and we get into the car. She starts driving but not towards any of the restaurants he mentioned. So I'm racking my brain to figure out where we are going. We end up at LaBodega. One of my absolute favorite places. It's just cool. The atmosphere is cool, the food is killer and the sangria is just to DIE for. It was heaven. We eat, drank and laughed for almost four hours. Chocolate cake on the house too. Here are a few snaps...

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