Monday, September 24, 2007

The Weekend

So it's Monday once again. Time for me to recap our weekend for you.
Friday night we went to a great play at the American Heartland Theater down town. It was called Moonlight & Magnolias. Really funny and such a good time. We had dinner at Smoke House and it was awesome BBQ as always.
Saturday morning we met our realtor Katy at "the house". Turned out to be a mess. They want to much money for it and apparently haven't even cleaned it in the entire three years they've lived there. Scary. Katy did send me some listings today that look really good. I hate to get my hopes up but seriously, I'm super excited about a new house. I know I may have to wait for a few months because honestly we need to sell our house before we try and find anything but looking is always fun.

Saturday evening was so nice. We drove out to the middle of nowhere to Kate & Joseph's wedding. I'm so ticked that I didn't have my camera with me because the place was just gorgeous and I was in love. Lovely outside ceremony with lots of great food and nice people to talk to. Oh and live music which was my favorite part. There's really nothing like sitting outside on a lovely fallish night with a million candles/Christmas lights around, tons of trees and flower, listening to some live music. Complete bliss.

Sunday we headed out to church. Gran joined us. It was a nice service. Tim our normal pastor was gone but it was still nice. Went to brunch at Granite City. OMG. It's truly one of my very very favorite places to eat. The brunch (If you ever get the chance to have it) is so so so awesome. Sunday afternoon we decided to be really ambitious and take on landscaping the front yard. Took us about 3.5 hours. We dug, pulled and cut down weeds, laid the landscaping fabric and dig holes to plant these cute bushes. We then staked and spread mulch over everything. By the time we got to water in the plants we both wanted to pass out in the yard. Can't believe how much better it makes the house look though. Wow!



Pretty proud of us. Today John has the day off and is working on putting in the laundry room floor. Pictures of that to come.

Work today has been great. My exec came in and decided to change her flight stuff. Check. Wanted me to look for her prescription sunglasses she lost at some point in the beginning of the month. Check. Needed me to print out some really big docs all formatted up fancy. Check check. The life of an admin is pretty sweet so far. Hopefully every Monday is this nice.

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