Thursday, September 28, 2006

Things to Think About

‘One more day to do my job’
by John Fischer

I’m an Angels fan – God’s Angels as well as Anaheim’s. Now you immediately want to know what a partisan baseball comment like that is doing in a devotional. Well, it’s because I am an Angels fan that I read an article in the Los Angeles Times once about Anaheim’s star young relief pitcher, Francisco Rodriguez, and in that article, he revealed why he points and looks skyward every time he leaves the field. “Win or lose, I point to God when I’m done to thank him for giving me that energy and ability and one more day to do my job. I thank him for allowing me to be myself.”
Some might not recognize this as a statement of worship, but that’s exactly what it is. Our work is our worship. Francisco is worshiping God by training, practicing, and pitching in the major leagues because that is where his talents and skills have taken him. So for him to thank the Creator and give him credit is the most natural thing he could do as a created human being. Actually, every player on the field is worshiping God by doing what he does; it’s just that they don’t all know that they are. Francisco knows, and this adds a spectacular element to his life. He’s not just getting by in life; he’s getting to do what he was meant to do.
Does this only apply to baseball players? Why should it? Why couldn’t it apply to anyone, doing any job? Can a computer programmer thank God for one more day to do her job? Can a CEO thank God for the skills and abilities to run a company? Can a clerk at Wal-Mart thank God for allowing him to be himself? Of course. That’s the unique nature of this perspective. It can apply to anyone or no one.
It’s really all up to us to see our lives as gifts of God for however long we get to live them on this earth. God’s not going to tap us on the shoulder and remind us of this every few hours. Indeed, you can live your whole life and never see it as a gift of God and an act of worship. But in this case, who loses?
Our lives should worship God anyway since we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. So why not get in on the act? Why not thank God for one more day to do your job? And while you’re at it, thank him for allowing you to be yourself.

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