Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Playin Ketchup

So it's been a few days. Had a weekend in there someplace. It was great. Gran, John and I all went to do participate in the Parade of Homes. Had a great time. Saw some REALLY ugly houses and some really cute ones too. It was cool to get to be inside some of the downtown lofts that I've always wondered what they look like. Way fun!
Work has been work. A lot of the team is out doing various things or are ill. I'm going to get to support a Global conference this week at our Riverport facility. I'm excited. Will be a nice change of pace away from the desk here.
We're gonna start replumbing our house this week. Everyone pray that goes well. Doing the parade of homes really got me motivated to decorate our place. It's comin alone. Pictures soon for all of you out of towners.
Gran leaves for FL on Friday and then straight to London for three weeks. LONG trip for her.
Excited about Thanksgiving coming up. Good food awaits me.

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