Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

No, this is not my pumpkin. Wish it was. I actually totally forgot about this holiday until I was driving to work and cute kids at the bus stop had funny hats and such on. I was like "What's up with that?" Then I remembered. Sad really given that this is John's favorite holiday (Besides our anniversary, I'm sure). We never seem to get around to decorating or even making plans for the big night. We don't pass out candy or anything. We're so lame. I know that will all change now that Hazel is on the way. John is already talking about taking her out trick or treating and what fun costumes she might like. More important to him, HE will get to dress up and not feel silly for doing so. He's so cute. He's a little photo of us from years ago on Halloween.
Who knows what we're going on about. Bet you can't guess what is costume is. ZOMBIE...

Glad today is Friday. This week has seemed long but only really because I spent two entire days of it at home, sick. I'm better-ish now. Sinus stuff doesn't just go away seems like. I'm excited however because this weekend, we have NOTHING planned. Other than church but nothing else. I'm sure we will decide we want to go and do something at some point but it feels nice to not have plans. I hope to just work around the house and relax. Seriously, we never relax and do nothing. I think the weather is suppose to be really nice too, so hopefully we can spend some time outdoors with our little girls.

In other unimportant to anyone but me news. Awhile back I got an award at work and part of it was $100. I saved it forever because honestly I wanted to spend it on the right thing. Something I would love forever. That's a hard thing to find. Well I did it. I've been searching for the perfect brown purse for I can't even remember how long. Looked everywhere seems like but couldn't find anything I was in LOVE with. Finally came across one by The Sak and spent a few weeks thinking it over. Did it have the right amount of pockets? Was it the color I wanted? Was it to big? John was about to go crazy from me talking about this stupid purse already! Anyway, ordered it last week and got it this week. OMG, I love it so much. It's just perfect and will even be perfect when Hazel comes a long because it's big enough I could use it as a mini diaper bag for quick trips to the store and such. I'm in total love. I keep getting it out of my work drawer so I can just look at it. Behold...
Yes, these are the things that excite me these days. That and all the INSANELY cute baby clothes out there. Anyway, hopefully you all will have a lovely weekend filled with nothing to do just like us.

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