Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Her Name and Other Cuteness

So we've decided on a name for our little girl. The one who is coming so quickly it seems I'm sitting in the first class section of a speeding bullet train towards motherhood.

Announcing...Hazel Verna Martin.

Yes, it's unusual. We are aware of that fact and are quite ok with it. We are an unusual pair of people and I'm sure our little birdie will be just as unique as her parents. We thought and discussed for a long time and finally landed for sure on this one. The first name is just one we both love. Old lady-ish but cute (just like my name). The middle name is my beautiful great grandmother's name in which I knew from the start I wanted if she was a she.

In other cute baby news, we're slowly getting the room ready now. We've got the crib up (pictures to come. Honestly I've had no life but my job for the past month) and are getting ready to order her rocker soon. I have some art ideas and I'm working on picking out the rug. I'll be excited to see it all put together once it's done. Hopefully that will be before She arrives.

Lately, I've been totally immersed in work. Not by my choosing but because sometimes your job demands things of you and you have no choice but to just give up and get happy about it. Today is the last day of our huge yearly client conference in which we have literally thousands of our clients in one spot doing tons of meetings, education session and just general getting together. This takes months of planning and hundreds of people to support. I always seem to end up one of them. We also have another big event going on tomorrow all day in which I've been pulled in to help with. These things always require long hours but most of the time turn out to be some fun along the way. Thankfully life will return to normal after this week is over.

Today I took a little time out to do some online clothes oggeling. I've been in down right obsessive love with Eileen Fisher clothing for awhile now but don't think I've mentioned it here. I'm in love with the simplicity of the clothing but how when you pair different things together you can make some very comfy, cozy and really cute outfits. Here are some of the things from the Fall collection I'm totally into:
These images are a bit small. Sorry. Best I can do but check out the website if you are interested in seeing more. Really pretty stuff here.
I promise I will soon get back to photos from my life and actual stories about stuff you might care about soon. More later...

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