Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok Already!

Apparently my blog is more popular than I thought. I've had tons of people asking why I haven't been posting lately. Well, I'm here. Went on vacation for a week and then life's a little nuts at work right now. I've also been doing things pretty much in this order: Eat, go to work, eat, work, eat, go home, eat, go to bed, repeat. My house is starting to look like a war zone.

Vacation was good. Seeing dad was awesome! Always love having him here. Finally got him home after two ton of issues with the airline. My camera battery was dead for pretty much my entire vacation and so I have no great and wonderful pictures to share with you on that. Here are some random things though for that week:

Awesome Swiss made water bottle I got in CO. Love everything about it.

Crappy picture of one of my favorite new things. Fell in love with the rain shower head thing in CO. Had to get one. This one it's exactly what I wanted but man I do love it!
New jacket/coat pattern for me. Figure I will need something that's big in the belly come winter. Sigh...
Dad painted my front door while he was here. It's a cute celery green color. We painted the shutters dark grey. Looks so much better than the white and burgundy.
Manny cracks me up. He can sleep just about anywhere and look at the size of that gut!!!
More later from me. Maybe later this week but later...

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