Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Amy Butler

Is there anyone at all the identifies with my obsessive love/hate relationship with Amy Butler? I love her ideas, her patterns, her color schemes and she's always dreaming up new stuff but dang it, she makes so much great stuff I can't decided! I stand in the fabric store overwhelmed by her greatness and leave empty handed because I'm wrestling with whether to buy the orange or the green version of whatever cuteness she has out now. Seriously! Look at just a taste of the newest collection and you will see what I mean:

In there someplace is my babies bedding, my kitchen curtains, new pillows for my couch and dare I say it, maybe even a funky shower curtain for my bathroom. I'm loaded with ideas and fear of commitment all at the same time! Oh the shame!

And if all that wasn't bad enough, she's now come out with this to torture me even further! I must go get it TONIGHT!

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