Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funny Thing, This Being Pregnant...

Makes the world an entirely new place. I find myself to be mildly irritated about a lot of things these days. I think "Why am I mad about that? It's stupid." Maybe I'll start a counting system or something. I have to count to 50 before I can get mad about something. Give me time to think it over before reacting. We'll see.

In other news, I can't wait for the weather to cool down (even though the weather her the last week or so has been wonderful. Today isn't supposed to get over high 70's) because I just bought the most exciting thing maybe ever. These:

Mine are darker brown than the pair above but I love the buckles and just the over all cuteness of these boots. I'm planning all manor of maternity outfit around these bad boys. Can't wait to wear them. I even considered wearing them today but thought people might look at me funny.

Also, got a really lovely early birthday gift from Gran. I've been on the hunt for a simple and delicate gold necklace for everyday for ages with no luck. We managed to come across the perfect one over the weekend. Behold:

Pregnancy has made me really not care so much about changing out my earrings and necklaces everyday. I'm pretty happy with the diamond studs from my Gaga and this little beauty everyday. One less thing to think about.

This week has seemed so long and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. At work or at home. I woke up thinking it was Friday but sadly I was wrong. I have however been working out everyday this week at the gym here at work. That's new for me. I haven't been doing anything super crazy but I figure getting some sort of physical activity in each day will help with the up and coming weight gain. I don't necessarily love working out but I do love getting away from my desk for a little over an hour each day AND getting to take a nice cool shower mid day is really pretty refreshing.

More pregnancy lunacy later...

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