Friday, August 15, 2008

Harry Potter Push Back

Just read that the Nov release date for the 6th installment of HP has been pushed back till July 09. Something to do with summer being a better time to sell movie tickets but honestly people, it's Harry Potter. People who are into the story would drive 100 miles to see the newest movie no matter what time of year. I'm pretty sad about it actually because I'm really looking forward to this movie. It's very dark. The book seemed to drag while I was reading it but thinking back on it, it was actually really good. At that time I didn't see Voldemort for the complex and interesting character he really is. This book explains is all. I also love the journey that Harry and Dumbledore take together to figure out Voldie's plan before something really terrible goes down. Also the relationship between the three main characters really changes in this one. They all really grow up in a major way. It's a new level of depth for everyone, characters and readers a like. It's no secret that this story consumed me while reading it. I could do almost nothing but read these books till I got done and started the next one. I did however put off reading the last one a little bit because I didn't want the story to end. I didn't want the characters to go away. That's what a good book should do.

Today's Friday and I have a ton of things to do at work. I'm hoping to have a relaxing weekend but I also need to do a MAJOR cleaning on my house. So we'll see.

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Cathy (Kate) Johnson said...

Well fooey! Long wait!! I'm looking forward to it, too...