Friday, July 25, 2008

In A Mood

I'm in a mood today. A bad mood. When I get in these moods all I want to do is clean and decorate. i want to nest. Like move furniture around, paint walls, sweep under stuff. Maybe that explains why my house is a total disaster area at this moment (dad I promise it will be clean by Monday when you get here) because I haven't had a mood like this in a while. I've been pretty happy with life over all for awhile now. It's just people and life getting to me today. People who are inconsiderate, rude, selfish and think they are better then everyone else. I have a problem with that and it makes me want to clean. It makes me want to somehow right what things are wrong even if it's only in my little corner of the world. It makes me want to take everything out of my closet, wash, iron and put it back neatly. It makes me want to pull out the fridge and clean out all the gunk behind there. Why is that?

What do you do when the world is just rubbing you the wrong way?

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Patti said...

When the world rubs me the wrong way, I find a quiet, cozy spot, pull out a book & lose myself in it. The secret is finding a place where the world either can't get to me or I can ignore it if it tries. Hope vacation will be your spot.

Love you lots.....