Monday, April 28, 2008

A Real Weekend?

It's amazing. I actually had a real weekend. Seems like I haven't had one of those in months. We had dinner Friday night with John's parents. It turned out to be really nice. Saturday we got up and waited for the Got Junk guys to show up. They came and took away a 1/3 of a dumpster load of crap from our backyard. It was magic. We spent the day cleaning, organizing, mowing, etc. Sunday we slept in a little, drove down to Sedalia to meet mom and drop off our dogs. I hate when they aren't with us. It makes life seems so sad and lonely. We had a nice lunch with Mom & Gary. Drove back. Had a work thing to do then went shopping. The day was chilly and raining but turned off nice once we got out shopping. I got everything I was looking for for vacation/summer (Comfy dress, check. New black flip flops, check. New footless tights, check. Small canvas beach tote, check.). I laid out all my stuff on the bed last night and tried to mix and match outfits in my head. John thinks I'm crazy! I always end up taking to much stuff and not wearing half of it. I'm trying to pack smartly this time. I've got everything under control except for shoes. I can't decide which to take. Such a terrible problem to have. Also, got my summer reading all purchased. I'm a relatively slow reader because I usually just read before bed but I'm going to take at least one of these on vacation with me and hop to get through it. Also, last night, I got this bug in my nose about cutting my bangs. I was just going to trim them. Just a tiny bit. Well the scissors took on a life of their own in my hands and then I opened my eyes and here is what I saw...

I actually ended up liking what happened a lot. John was holding his breath for the flood of tears to come but they never did. I got out the straight iron and some hair stuff, went to work and ended up being rather pleased with my happy accident. It's pretty liberating to have those blasted bangs off my forehead.

In other news, I'm already in vacation mode and having trouble focusing at work. All I can think about it packing all my new summery clothes into my cute suitcase and flying off to someplace warm.

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