Friday, April 04, 2008

Errrrrrr, Back Up. Hold the Phone.

I'm going to whine. Be forewarned.

I often watch shows where people are REALLY good at something. Cooking, sewing, singing, dancing, decorating. I watch these people with delight each week but secretly am thinking "Why am I not good at something like that?" Once I was thinking this aloud within earshot of my wonderful husband. He tells me it's ok because I'm kinda good at a lot of little things. Um, I think you're missing the point. I want to be REALLY good at something not just kinda fake my way to goodness part of the time. I wonder to myself why God didn't make me really good at something like these things listed above. I know it's not a mistake He made. I know he doesn't do those but I'm wondering how being ok-ish at drawing or so so at making people laugh is helpful here? I know, I'm whining. I did warn you. You can't say I didn't. This is another one of those things that you think about when you are like 13, "Why don't boys like me?". You obsess over it for ages until some stupid boy likes you, breaks your heart and leaves you for some girl named "Marissa". I'm not speaking out of experience here, mind you. Just generally. So I wonder to myself, is this something that will pass? Is this "What am I good at?" phase going to just blow away in the wind? Thinking about it now, I'm REALLY REALLY good at wasting time. At work. At home. Anytime really. I'm not picky. Hm...


Patti said...

You know I have to jump in on this one. Being good is a matter of perspective. There are many things at which you are "good" because they bring comfort & joy to yourself or others. I can name several things like that you do for me. I think you're very good at the things that matter most. You're very good....

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