Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So What's My Obsession With Summer All About?

Lately, All I can think about is warm weather and the cute clothes that go with it. I get giddy at the sight of grey linen summer dresses and bermuda shorts. In turn it makes me wear totally not for the season clothes to work almost everyday. So I sit freezing at my desk with ten cups of half full hot tea sitting around me while I look at pictures online of bathing suits. I'm sick in the head people! I really can't stop myself however. I am what I am.

So despite the weather, things are looking up. I've been doing this new work out tape that's making me feel wretchedly sore but I know it's a good thing, I've got a new favorite hot tea, Lemon Mint (bought at the amish store in Tunas, MO), AND I'm getting a lot of work done today (despite my brief break to blog my little heart out).

So here are a few things that are inspiring me today:

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