Thursday, March 29, 2007

So last night while John was at school I was hard at work (well sorta) making pink cupcakes and trying desperately to race to the end of this Harry Potter book. It's just so dang good and I can't imagine how their going to make it out of this mess. They will mind you. I'm just so astounded at JK's incredible writing style. Very detailed but not enough to get you bogged down in the story. Keeps it moving pretty well and makes sure to reflect back on previous story (just in case you haven't read the previous books) to help you get the full picture. I've got one more to read before July. That's when the next and final book comes out. It's bittersweet.

So it's Thursday. The sun is coming in and out of the clouds here. It can't decide if it wants to rain or be sunny. BE SUNNY! Tomorrow night is tax night at the Martin house. I'm not looking forward to it. It seems it's always very tedious and makes us all grumpy. Must be done though.

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