Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mini Obsession

Having a mini obsessive moment over Etsy today. I do this from time to time. I forget how much cute handmade goodness is out there just waiting for my little heart to yearn for it. Here are a few of my faves today:The cuteness that is this clutch simply can not be denied. PLUS, it has a bird on it. See it here:

I have a strange love for paper stuffs recently. These hand printed cards are so pretty and sweet. Maybe I would do more hand written notes. OR I could just save them and look at them. See them and other cute here:

I'm down right nuts over this bicycle mug for some odd reason. Maybe it's because of the color or the fact that I've totally been wanting a old school bike lately. Not sure, but I love it. See it and tons of other cute here:

I know what you're thinking, "Another Bag?" but seriously, this one is super cute. I love the light color for spring/summer and the texture of the gathering. PLUS, it's called the Hazelnut Mini Truffle bag. I mean seriously, it's named after my child for heaven sake. Of course I love it! See it and more here:

Lastly, this sweet necklace. I think it would be adorable to get mine with J, N & H for our fast approaching new family. Such a cute idea. See it and more stuffs here:

This year I'm thinking a ton about home made gifts. Not because I don't love to buy things or because money is an issue per say. I just can't seem to get homemade coolness out of my head. I'm cooking up a list of great gifts for the people in my family. Can't wait to share pics with you when the holiday is over. Can't share now because it would give away the surprise!!!

We did end up getting snow yesterday. Enough to make driving home interesting but not enough to keep us all home from work. I actually was stuck at home for two hours today because we live on a steep road with a lot of shade trees shading the road from sun lights. The tiny amount of ice that was out there was right in my way. Oh well...

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