Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday & Hazel

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Amazing! I've all but two presents purchased and wrapped. Thank goodness. I have to do a last minute sewing project tonight and will be all done. I'm looking forward to not having to get up early tomorrow and the yummy dinners in my future. Of course spending time with family as well. I will be experimenting with some new (well not new, I just didn't know I had them) settings on my camera over the holiday. Hopefully I will have some fun shots to share once I'm back on Friday or maybe Monday. Snow and ice is forecasted to be heading our way tonight, so looks like we might have a white Christmas after all. Doesn't matter to me really. I just hope the roads are safe for travelers.
Work is a lot busier than I thought it might be. I do work for sales people however, so even though it's near the holiday it's still end of quarter at the same time. I always feel for them this time each year. I know my brain normally shuts down a few days before Christmas and I have trouble getting anything done. I can't imagine having to be super focused during the holiday on anything other than family and fun. It takes a special brand of person for that I think.

In other news, I've been looking at baby rooms online. Way back when my Mom and I first started talking about Hazel's room she mentioned painting a large tree on one wall of her room. I was totally against the idea because at that time I was going to make her room very neutral colors and not "kiddish". Well I saw this one the other day and I've fallen for the tree idea. How dang cute is that! I think I would want it all in white given that the walls will be that amazing shade of aqua that I can't wait to see on the walls. With her white crib, dresser/changing table and rocker to help it not overwhelm and be more girlie. I'm also planning a white shag rug but haven't found one I really love yet. Also, I'm STILL looking for bedding. How amazing is it that I can't find anything I love that isn't $300. Who in their right mind would spend that on infant bedding? I just don't know. I'm also still in search for curtains but don't want to get anything there until I find the bedding. I don't want it to clash. So, no idea. I'm stuck. I do love the tree idea though. Mom: You were right.
If I don't post before the holiday officially begins, Have a Merry Holiday! I'll be back on Friday (sadly).

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