Thursday, December 04, 2008

Christmas Time

This year I'm not feeling particularly Christmas-y. I mean don't get me wrong, I love to see the lights and think about someday Hazel running in to presents under the tree but I'm not with it like normal. I normally start listening to Christmas music right after Thanksgiving dinner. I normally have my tree up before the Thanksgiving dishes are dry. I typically love this holiday and yet for some reason, I'm not feeling that cheer this year. Maybe it's because I'm pregnant and tired all the time. I'm just not sure. I DO however love the above idea and am thinking about doing this at our house this year instead of our tree. With all the painting and stuff going on, I can't imagine dragging that thing out and putting all those shiny pretty things on it only to have to move it around again when we need to move furniture and such. I'm in the baking mood. That's about as holiday as I'm feeling today at least. I'm going to start the Christmas card list (I did proactively buy those over a month ago now) tonight and who knows what else. I'll keep you posted on what I actually end up doing.

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Andrea said...

Love that idea to display your cards!