Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ages and Ages...

So It's been awhile I know but I'm here now. Life has been extraordinarily busy over the last few weeks. Still hasn't slowed but I'm taking time to write because I miss it. Not necessarily because I have tons to say.

Texas was good. Hot but good. Seeing family and letting them know you love them after someone dies is always a nice thing. Hard but nice. I hate to watch my little Gaga cry but sometimes it is a part of life. We did some shopping at usual but mostly just hung out with friends and family. Cooked and ate way more than one needs to keep your body going. I did manage to get a few early morning walks in however. I also managed to read a very large portion of the seventh and final Harry Potter book. I tried to pace myself because honestly I just don't want the story to be over with. I'm on chapter 25. Still lots of story to go but sadness is already filling my heart for the end. The book is wonderful though. Been pretty action packed and lots of great writing. Seems like JK came back to herself on this one. Glad she did.

This last week and almost a half have been very busy. Lots of things we're trying to get done while Gran is home this time and then when I have an hour to be at home, all I wanna do is just sit and do nothing. Not the best. Tonight however I'm taking the entire night to clean up and get ready for Dad to roll in Thursday night.

I really can't believe my birthday party is this weekend. I'm so looking forward to it. Loads of people coming and it should be something to remember. I've always wanted some big party like this. It's gonna be a blast! I got my digital camera over the weekend and plan to take lots of pictures. I love love love my camera too. It's super tiny and the pics are great. I also got the Wii version of the new Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix game. I'm super excited to play it.

Also visited a REALLY cool craft shop over the weekend. Made me so excited to try some new crafts and create some really neat things for myself and friends. They had all these amazing beads and yarn skeins. I was just in heaven. Oh and the fabric! Ahhhh. It's madness. I'm planning what I'm going to do with this extremely cute dark grey cotton with a mid sized creamy yellow polka dot. I'm thinking maybe kitchen curtains or a duvet cover. I can't decide. I do know I love it and want it.

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