Saturday, August 04, 2007

And So There Was Bourne and Popcorn...

Pretty much sums up our evening. Work drug by at the speed of snails till I was super rushed right at the end of the day and ended up getting out of there late. Home only to change and grab John. Running out the door. Felt like I was in a Bourne movie myself for a minute. 7:00 show to get to. Got there about 20 minutes before hand (of course I was nervous because as we all know I inherited this lovely sitting anywhere but the back row phobia from my dad) and we were pleasantly surprised to find three seats in the very back. The movie was great. Lots of actions (of course), lots of flashbacks (of course) and lots of revenge. Typical Jason Bourne. Still some great fight stuff and of course a car chase worth your nine dollars. You'll never look at a VW SUV the same way again.

Woke up today and an ungodly hour of 5:30. Couldn't go back to sleep. After a little less than an hour of rolling around in bed trying to sleep, I just got up and I'm here.

Gran got in last night from the extremely long trip back from Sydney. Not to late thankfully. She was actually able to get into bed at a decent hour. I'm headed over there today to help her wash every stick of clothing she has worn over the last eight weeks so we can back most of it back into a suitcase. We fly out tomorrow around 4 for TX. I've still yet to pack myself up. Plenty of time I guess. I'm always the "gotta pack three days before a trip" person. I'm excited to see Gaga but not excited to see her cry. I know this trip will have some difficult moments. I've really no idea what we will do while there. Hopefully Gran will just be able to sit and do nothing for a week. Yeah Right.

Started the last Harry Potter book. I figured I better get busy reading it because all the people I know how love the story have already finished it and keep trying to talk to me about it. Guess I'll have a weeks worth of time to read it. I'll need it too because it's massive. I've been trying to read before I go to sleep each night on it but it's so big I've got to sit up in bed to hold the darn thing. I also got a magazine that has a 36 page HP spread but I'm saving it for after I'm done with the book as well. I don't want it to tell me anymore than I already know about this one.

Anyways, I'll try and pop in during the week. I'm working virtually three days, so I know I'll be online. Just not sure from where.

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