Thursday, June 21, 2007

Welcome to Miami

So I'm back. Technically I've been back from Miami for a week today but I really don't feel like I'm all caught up from being gone. Since I've been home it's been pretty much non stop stuff to do or me sleeping. Hopefully someday I'll feel rested again. Got a new phone right before leaving for MIA and it's picture quality isn't as good as my old phone. Kinda weird considering it's a way cooler looking phone. Just goes to show ya, looks aren't everything.
So work this week has been good. Flown by really. Woke up and couldn't believe it is Thursday already. Glad it is but still. This weekend should prove to be nice and hopefully relaxing. Dick and Stephanie are coming in to town sometime Sunday. We're suppose to have a family BBQ at somebodies house. Will be nice to see them. It's been a few years. Hopefully mom will come up as well. Always nice to spend some time with family.

Getting nervous. Scheduled my dental appointment to get my wisdom teeth taken out. All four hopefully at once. Get the pain and suffering over with at one time. I go in on July 12th. I've actually dreaded having this procedure done since I was a small child. I'm not really sure how I knew it was bad news but I wasn't interested. I've feared it ever since. Three things really: getting my drivers license, getting my wisdom teeth pulled and having a baby. Strange huh? But if you know me at all you know that kinda weirdness comes with he territory.

Below are some shots I did get from Miami. The weather was so hot and there were so many dang people!!!!

View from our balcony

Me & My Best Bud Alison

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