Thursday, June 28, 2007

Just Another Rainy Day

STILL RAINING. So tired of it already. Although I do have an incredibly cute umbrella that I love to use, I'm still tired of the rain.

Today I'm thinking about babies a lot. Had a really good discussion with a friend about his baby that was positive but then had another conversation with someone else that wasn't. Everyone has their own opinion of babies and how they change your life. Yes, they absolutely change your life and I'm sure that sometimes it's REALLY hard but I can't imagine when you look down at that little face that you can regret what they are. Maybe that's just me. Maybe that's because I don't have one yet. Who knows.

The rain has forced me to search the Internet for summery things to make me feel nice. Last night I made a very summery meal. Really good lemon chicken (So easy you can't believe it), salad and peas. A little glass of wine and we were set. Only thing missing was our out door patio set. All in good time though. Also, today I've been seeking out summer crafting projects. A few things have caught my eye and given me some inspiration. Here is my serenity for today:

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