Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

So it's at least Wed AND I got to sleep in. Two great things for today. I've actually found a few things to keep myself from going crazy over the last few hours but a few more hours to go. Haven't had my afternoon snack yet however. That's always worth looking forward too. Trying to be REALLY healthy and so I brought vanilla yo & strawberries. When what I really want is a extra tall snickers blizzard from DQ. So now you see the restraint I'm showing here people. Really.

Last night was good. I can't get used to John's new work schedule. It's weird. Last week he worked normal hours. This week he's working 10-7 each week day and then 7-4 on Saturday. Then next week something else. Will take some time for me to get used to that. Fell asleep on the couch once I got home yesterday till John called me at 7pm. I so had ever intention of "getting things gone" but didn't happen. Tonight I'm determined. I won't even let myself sit down because I MIGHT fall asleep or worse, start reading something. I must say I'm making great progress on my Harry Potter book. I should be more than finished with it before the last and final installment comes out mid July. I keep getting the date for the movie and the book confused however. So who knows. I'm also proud to announce that I'm going to get the Wii Harry Potter game and play the heck out if it. The wand action will be really cool with the Wii remote. Sorry. Geeked out on you there for a sec. This is how things happen at our house. I love my very cute but incredibly geeky husband.

So planning what we'll do on the fourth. At this second we have no plans nor invitations to do anything. Sometimes that's a really good thing however. We have a few things in mind but haven't made up our mind for sure. I'm just excited to have a day during the week off.

Ok. Random picture of the day time. Took this from the website I mentioned the other day. Just love this. My love for tree photos and paintings lately, coupled with my love of birds AND green make this a favorite of mine. Enjoy...

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