Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Well I just completed the season finale of Lost. I know I'm a bit late. Life's been busy. It's weird. Season Finales. Somehow they always disappoint. I can't possible imagine how they are going to continue the story. I know they will because there are some many other things to come but really, it was just weird. Of course can't wait to see what they will have next for the still loyal fans. I hear there aren't that many anymore because of the strangeness of the show but I know are still a few. Something to look forward to. Hopefully.

What else today? Spending time trying to figure out summer activities. Wanting to do so many new things over the following three months that I'm not sure there's enough time. Excited about the possibilities though.

Today is John's first full on the job (training) day. I haven't heard much from him, so I have no update on how it's going. I'm excited to hear though.

Tonight should be pretty low key. Go home at four, get the mail, let the dogs out. Clean, make dinner, relax. Wanna line out some crafting projects for the summer. I wanna make some really cool things for gifts this year but also just to say that I did. I've got this amazing amazon list of books that I want to read and as previously mentioned, multiple destinations I would like to visit. YAY for US!!!

I'll leave you with a random photo that I love. I like that you don't see her face and I love that she got this great bag, dress, shoes and umbrella out in the middle of nowhere. I can see myself in this shot.

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