Friday, June 01, 2007

This Years Love...

So I really don't have much exciting news today. Just more rain. Leaving later for mom's house, which I've very excited about. Excited to see Mom & Gary but also very excited to see my baby dogs. They've been away for two weeks. Actually a little more. It's been just torture. I'm hoping to leave work early and get out of town before traffic gets bad. Since it's summer though weekend traffic really starts Thursday night toward the lake, so either way it'll be slow going. Speaking of, the day is just creeping along as slow as possible. I've got all my work done that I can right now. Just waiting on classes to end. Typical Friday.

John just called. He's rushing out to Kansas for another interview. If I've failed to update my blog and you're out of the loop on this job situation, don't feel bad because we don't ever really know what's going on either. The original place has yet to send him on a job site. He calls them each day and they promise him work but it's been about three weeks now and still nothing. A friend called him about Ford. They're needed temp help and John could really use to temp money till this plumbing thing gets going. That's turned out to be a big long process too. They may still call though. So yesterday he applied for about 50 jobs doing various things. So today's interview is a result of that. We'll see.

I also thought, since I don't have much news, that I'd do a "I'm in love with..." list today. Seems like the thing to do. Something fun for Friday.

Stuff I Love Today:

-Brown Dishes_I've NO idea where my all of the sudden love for brown stuff has come from. Clothes, house stuff, paint. Weird. I'm needing some new dishes because my current set are five years old and I'm missing pieces due to slippery dish hands and such. I'm totally loving these.

-My new watch_Now it might be bragging or shameful but OMG I love me new watch. I bought it while on vacation and it was on the greatest sale ever. I've always wanted something Michael Kors. He's a great designer that I really admire and I really love his stuff. It's exactly what I wanted and I just feel so blessed that I found it. It was a birthday present from Heaven! =) Take a peek...

-Flickr_I have to say I'm totally in love with Flickr. com. It's just so cool. I have a page there but it's really nothing exciting. I tend to forget I've got it because I'm always so busy looking at others photo's. My favorite thing to do while I'm bored here at work is go there and do the seven day random picture album. You never know what you'll see but most of the time it's some really beautiful photography.

-Orange Berks_ Don't have these yet but I'm savin my money. I'm not sure where my love for these came from. Maybe my fantasy of moving to the middle of nowhere and being a quasi-hippie. I know I'm not full fledged hippie material but man I could so live in an rv with no tv and grow veggies in the my own garden. It's of course pure fantasy and will never happen because well I'm married to a person who's the complete opposite. Maybe that's why we work together. Who knows.

-Jones Berry Lemonade Soda_K. Just found this stuff. I mean I've known about it for a while but was never brave enough to try it. I'm not sure of a soda drinker normally and then when you get into strange flavors it could be questionable. But let me tell you this folks, this is GREAT stuff. It's fruit but not overwhelming. It's refreshing and just perfect for summer. I've not tried the other three canned flavors. Jones of course has massive amounts of other flavors and most of them are bottled. I also love that the photo's on the fronts of the bottles, boxes and what not are all submitted by really people. Just random stuff. Kinda like Flickr to go. The website is cool too. Check it here:

-Jeremy Riddle_This cd is so stinkin good. I love every song. His voice is just SO great but he's also got a great depth to his music. These are songs you find yourself singing long after you've left the car. It's awesome worship music but it also really good stuff to help you just feel close to God. Feel Him with you. It's so fab. Maybe my favorite thing on this list.

-Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince_So I promised I wouldn't read it till right before the last one came out but I just couldn't help it. So I'm not that far in but far enough that I'm hooked, again. This one seems like it's going to be super exciting and I'm excited to read more. I've got Gran reading the series now. She's enjoying it so far. She's only on the second book but she reads so fast she'll be done soon. Oh! and today I heard someplace that someone is planning a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, FL. Suppose to open in 2009. OMG!!!! So going!

Happy Weekend All

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