Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Bliss

The weekend was wonderful. We had planned to go to mom's and then decided not to AND then decided to go anyway. The weather was perfect and the company was simply Divine. I was outside as much as I possibly could have been I think. We fished, did a camp fire (complete with marshmallows over the fire), grilled out, went for multiple walks. AND I might even have scored a free airstream trailer. I've ALWAYS wanted one but never really pursued it seriously. I just figured it would be something that someday I would get. Well that someday might just be today. A family member has one they want someone to just come get. We aren't sure on the condition but I assume we'll end up ripping everything out and starting again anyways. I'm so thrilled. I'd love to just live in it all the time but I'm sure that won't happen. Also came back with some really cute plants. I'm hoping I can actually keep them alive.

This week is Administrative Professionals Week at work. They do a series of workshops, meetings and a big event for us. Tonight they're taking us to suppose to be a super great restaurant downtown. I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully some of my friends can attend. I'll be sure to have pictures tomorrow. Year before last it got WILD. I mean really wild. That would be the year I acquired my taste for tequila. bad. I know. It's gonna be a long day/night.
I also have Friday off this week. We had planned to go out of town but aren't doing that now. Not sure what I will do with myself. Sleep in for sure but other than that I've no idea.

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