Thursday, April 05, 2007

It is finished...

And so 870 pages later I've finished the book. I started reading this Harry Potter book because I wanted something to read while on vacation in March. Little did I realize that I would be hooked and eager to read the next one as soon as I shut the back cover of this one. JK Rowling's writing style is amazing and they're just such fun books to read. I do have the next one. It's the next to the last in the series. I'm dying to read it but I also don't want the journey to be over so quickly. I will have to wait till end of July for the final book but I'm not sure I'm ready. I love a good book but it's always hard once it's over. These people become part of your life (I know it sounds silly) and you hate to see them leave. They become friends and you're involved in their lives. I'm sure John is glad I'm done reading for now. All I've talked about for a month is Harry Potter this and Harry Potter that. So in the mean time I'm going to start reading something a little more substantial. The Rhythm of Life by Mathew Kelley. It's going to be a great book but a hard one. I read the first chapter when I got it (on a recomendation) and it was a heavy hittin, callin you out of your comfort zone, question asking kinda book. I'm anxious to read it but at the same time nervous. I know I will benefit greatly from it's pages but the change part will be tough. This kind of reading however is what life is about. Growing, learning and becoming who God's made you to be. Here's to the journey!

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