Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ok So It Wasn't That Great...

So yesterday was full of afternoon meetings that had nothing to do with what I actually DO and then the leadership took us all to the restaurant. It was a cute place. Kinda small but I can see how on a normal night with just me and my hubby, it would be fun. For this is seemed a bit small and crowded. The food was mighty tasty though. My favorites where the sliced rare steak w/some sort of green herb sauce, the mash potato balls and the cheese and toast. Lots of unusual things to try though. I did my fair share. I should have taken more pics. I didn't. My friend Kelly and I were to busy being weirded out because nobody would talk to us. We sat in the middle of this tiny room with loads of people crammed in next to us but two open chairs across from us. It was odd. We are good at entertaining ourselves though. We did however leave early and I only drank sparkling water.

Once I got home I downloaded bunches of music for a new Ipod play list. Wish I could get my dang Ipod to work however. Oh! And we ran out to get a potted plant for a friends admin day present. I found so many cool plants I would love to have at Home Depot.

Today I've got more meetings up the hill. A meeting with my manager one on one. Should be great. We don't get to meet all that often and then an hour long session in which our CPO will speak. I'm excited about this session because she is a fun speaker. She makes boring stuff seem fun and she's very down to earth.

Tonight we're headed back to Kate's for more demo work. I'm not sure what we will get into tonight but I'm looking forward to it. I do have to say that I'm looking forward to going back to bed tonight already. I don't think I slept all that great last night. Pretty common for me these days. It seems that I always wake up between 4:25 and 4:45. Almost every night now. Weird.

Well I'm off to work for a few hours before my meetings begin. Long day ahead!

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