Wednesday, April 18, 2007

And So There Was Demo and Pizza

Last night was demo night at the Kate Johnson new homestead. Was so much dang fun. We ate pizza till we almost couldn't move and then sat to work on what looks to be a pretty major demo project. We pulled up all the remaining carpet, tore down paneling, removed nasty old plaster. It was like a archaeological dig. We found cool vintage floor under all the carpet and many layers of bizarre wall paper. My favorite though was the Kansas City Star newspaper for April 5th, 1931. It was hidden under the kitchen cabinet we removed. Lucky for us the electricity is still on. I couldn't believe after a few short hours how much we accomplished and how much better the place looked. I just truly can't get over people lived with babies in that house. Truly. I'm excited to go back and gut more stuff. Such FUN!


Kate said...

WOW. Thank you, sweetie! I hope you don't mind, I linked my blog to this entry so people can see your photos. You and John are just terrific, and I'm so glad you had fun at it!

Corbie said...

Wow, that's something else... Am glad Kate has such good friends to help with this!

The house used be owned, once upon a time, by people who cared about it. Too bad it fell on such hard times, but I'm glad it'll be rescued now.