Friday, April 06, 2007

Green Patent Love

So I've GOT to have these. They are just so me and well I need some funky sandals for summer. How fun would these be with little skirts and dresses. AND at only $45 you can't go wrong. With a little tan and a pedicure I would be sitting pretty. They are a bit crazy old lady working in the garden but I'm kinda crazy old lady anyway. At least she's a stylish crazy old lady! Me heart is also swooning over this necklace. It's a bit pricier but I'm looking for a good staple necklace. Something I can wear with loads of stuff but it never gets old. It's something I could consider a signature piece. I'm in love...


Kate said...

Yep, they're you all right. CUTE.

I hate having to sign into Google to post you, though. Assuming I can, once I write this.*G*

Kate said... worked, cool!

Lots of news for you, kiddo. J. bought the house next door, no more white trash neighbors!

Candide said...

Good for people to know.