Saturday, January 01, 2011


Picture 1. He and Me "late" on New Years Eve. We almost never stay up for midnight on new years. I'm not sure why. This year was no different. My Gran texted me at 10 our time, 12 hers. I told her we were going to bed and she called us "weenies". I guess she's right but I'm ok with that.
2010 was year of change for us. Heck, so was 2009 but who's counting? Some changes we're getting used to, others we may never find ourselves liking. All in all though, they've made us better. They've helped us grow up, grow closer, grow stronger, grow more into who we are. So let's see what you got 2011. I think we're ready for you.
Picture 2. Me today, 9pm. I spent the first day of the year doing just want I vowed I'd do more of this year. Make our home what we want it to be. Even if it is an apartment. It's where we are now. So in the effort of putting one foot in front of the other, I baked, cooked, sewed, laughed and found myself proud at the end of the day. Not at the amount I accomplished but proud of myself for being me. Proud of making our home, mess and all, ours. So in 2011 (NO this is NOT a resolution!!!) I vow to make our space more of a home even though our hearts are so very far from where they belong.
More soon, nm

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Patti said...

Love your philosophy for 2011. Focusing on making a home wherever you are is a great skill to build. It will bring a lot of positive energy to you, your life & your home. I'm so proud of you; you're some kind of woman!!