Monday, January 17, 2011

Season Confusion

Over the weekend we had a bit of season confusion here. The weather here was wonderful. In the 60's both day and sunny. We couldn't resist a trip to the beach. It was very odd to be walking on a beach on Jan 15th but we enjoyed ourselves all the same. Hazel loves to play in the sand and we had a much harder time getting her to get in the car to come home this time than before. Her current favorite statements are "No Way!" or "I'm Not Tired!". Guess we've reached that stage. Thankfully she's napping again. Sometimes it's only thirty minutes but that's thirty glorious minutes I get to myself in the middle of the day.

Sunday I cooked a full "Thanksgiving" feast for us. Last week sometime I got a bee in my bonnet about all that stuff and decided to cook a big dinner for us to eat on for a few days. Since our Thanksgiving this year was different than every other year of our lives, we didn't get to take many left overs and so I'm thinking we didn't get it all out of our system. I only got one fairly unattractive picture before the boys dug in though.

The last few days have been really foggy in the mornings. We've heard this is how it normally is but we've yet to see it this thick where we live. It's been really cool to wake up to this thick blanket of white. Not exactly snow but still something different outside our windows to see.

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