Monday, December 06, 2010

Our Weekend

Another weekend, come and gone. We started it off with a trip over The Bay to Union City (about a 45 minute drive from us). We had been planning for two weeks to have a little "Midwest Reunion". We couldn't believe how excited we were for Wal-mart. Right inside the door it didn't fail to deliver that old familiar chaotic feeling but we somehow managed to wander the isles finding joy in the way we felt like we were home. Who would have ever thought I'd be saying that about Wal-mart. We also ate lunch at Fudruckers. It's a very yummy burger place that I remember eating at when I was young with my parents. I got John and Hazel hooked before we left KC and of course there isn't one around here. It was really lovely to be able to taste a piece of home as well.
From there I found Hazel's biggest Christmas present (which was such a wonderful relief to have that off my shoulders), followed by a tiny bit of thrifting. I scored with a sweater, another gift for a friend and some sake bowls I'm using for candles.

Sunday we spent with my dad and friend shopping around town looking for deals. I ended up scoring fourteen new books for Hazel. Everything from Mother Goose to Little House on the Prairie. I believe in being prepared for whatever kind of story Hazel wants to read.

Today I'm working on cleaning, grocery list making and Christmas present crafting. I hope I haven't been to ambitious this year in what I've decided to make vs buy. I always like to do a little of both. I think I can work it out if I can keep myself focused (I just giggled to myself. That's not a good sign).

More soon, n

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Stephanie said...

sounds like you and i have another thing in common. i buy louella endless ammounts of books. Nate says "doesn't she have enough?" and I say "you can never have enough". you should see our book's a bit overwhelming.

I've been working on staying focused to clean the bathroom for days. still hasn't happened. those things always seem to be at the bottom of my daily list. :) hehe.

hopefully you'll get all your christmas crafting done on time. i'd love to see what kinds of things you're making.