Monday, December 20, 2010

Hypothetical Christmas

Ok, I lied. One more post today. Hazel gave me an extra bit of time to do whatever I wanted this morning and so I chose my ever eternal most favorite way to waste time. Polyvore. Check it out if you haven't. It's amazing.

Anyways, Hypothetical Christmas (click the pic to see it bigger because I'm rubbish at figuring out anything to do with computer lay out) is what I'm calling my wish list this year. I don't actually think I'm going to get any of this stuff but it's all stuff that makes my little heart go all gooey inside. Most everything is from my favorite shops (Anthropologie, Fossil, Toast, Urban Outfitters). The most surprising thing I want this year is a record player. I have no idea where this little nugget of happiness has come from but I really want one. Maybe it's that I remember listening to records with my parents when I was younger. I loved looking through the covers and picking out something special for the family to rock out to. It's not a practical gift but it just might be at the top of my list this year.

What things are at the top of your list, hypothetical or not, this year? I'd love to know.

Ok, really this time. More soon, nm

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

ooh! cozy knits, hunter wellies, owls, patchwork quilt and comfy slippers?! I think I'll just steal your list and call it my own. ;)

my sister left behind her record player when she moved. and her entire collection of vintage records. i haven't even touched it...and it's been a year. i should dust it off and play a few songs just for you.