Monday, January 15, 2007

Warm and Toasty

So Friday we all braced for the worst storm so far this winter. They said lots of ice, snow and cold. John, Gran and Myself decided to eat some warm comfort food and then stock up on groceries and fun things to do. So basically all weekend we slept in, make good warm food, worked on a puzzle and sat by the fire. It was lovely. But what I wanna know is WHERE'S ALL THE SNOW? We truly didn't get anything to speak of till this morning around 8am. It started snowing pretty steady and it's been going ever since. Here's what we've got so far. The driveways are all solid ice but the main roads weren't to bad. John got today off (lucky dog) and most of our classes here at work are cancelled. My kitchen here at work is down again. Not sure that I mentioned it before but this is about the fourth time in four days that it's been down. No water, coffee or ice. People get grumpy without those things.
Today also has something else very important going on. It's Mom's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY MOMMY! I'm sure they're probably snowed in, which I know makes her crazy. Hopefully, it's a good day anyway!

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