Wednesday, January 17, 2007

So I'm Off to Get Puffed, Poked and dilated

Oh the joys of wearing glasses! I'm off today to get my eyes checked. It's such a pain and I'm so not looking forward to it. I am thinking however about asking the doctor about contacts. I would love the option of not having to wear glasses if I didn't want to. Makes having to wear them a little more fun.
Weather is still cold and gross. The snow and iciness are still stubbornly hanging out. We've been in the single digits each night. Makes getting up early so much fun!
I'm excited to spend some time this afternoon with my hubby. He's coming to chauffeur me to and from the docs. He hurt his back yesterday at work. Pulled something. Went to the Chiropractor yesterday and is just very sore today.
Almost time for Granny to fly out again. She leaves very early on Sunday morning. She's be out of town for a long time this time. Sad.
Well I'm off to the doc. Hope everyone is having a great day!

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