Friday, June 11, 2010


Summer is being redefined in a major way for me this year. I'm used to Midwest summers. HOT, muggy, humid. Here we are on June 11th and it's currently 63 outside. I think it made it to 70 today. That's warm here. Funny, I never thought I'd miss the heat but once you don't have it, you miss it. If only because it's what you're used to, not necessarily because you love it. So in honor of the summer everyone else I know is having, here are a few things I'm planning to do with my "summer":

-Learn to make bread

-Have a picnic

-Learn to knit

-Take Hazel to the beach

-Eat a cupcake

-Grill out

-Take a nap in the sunshine

-Find a poet I actually like and read their work in it's entirety

-Listen to old music

-Laugh with friends

-Take a walk

-Create beautiful things

-Ride on a boat

-Learn to enjoy the small things in life more

-Eat a hamburger

-Go someplace warm

-Finish unpacking

-Find a new favorite place to eat

-Learn to love a new vegetable

-Go to the farmers market

-Make a new friend

-Smile more

For the record, I knocked out a couple of these just today alone. Louie Armstrong for starters. Why does jazz make me think of summer? I dunno. John says it makes him think of going to the bathroom at Olive Garden. Hm. Thanks Honey.

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