Friday, June 04, 2010

Change, Again

Tomorrow we're moving. Again. This time we're staying close, very close actually. The same complex, just a better apartment. It's on the penthouse floor and has a much more homey feel than our current place. Our view here is terrible. Now, granted, I don't need to see the ocean or mountains or anything but we overlook a courtyard, which sounds nice but in reality sucks because unless you stand on the balcony and look down all you see is the opposite wall of people's houses. That makes for a lot of loud people noise, no privacy, no sunlight and general grumpiness for the girls around this place. Poor John has had to put up with us for over a month this way. We were extremely blessed to have the new apartment come available so quickly and we were even more lucky to be able to snatch it up before anyone else. I'm excited for the new place. I'm excited to finally REALLY get unpacked and set up. To really make our space home as much as possible and to really start living. Feeling suspended in time waiting for something to happen is how we've lived for some long that it's natural at this point. I'm ready for something new...

Goodbye old place, hello new place.

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