Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Cow!

Where have I been you ask, well being a mom is hard work. You get lost in the days and nights. You think it's wed when really it's Friday and you haven't brushed your teeth for two days. Well, I do manage to get a good teeth scrubbing in each day but still. You get lost. Some days are good (Like today when we wanted to lay in the bouncy seat and stare at the ceiling fan for an hour while mommy got through all her emails). Some days are bad (yesterday we would only not cry if we were bouncing mommy's arms and singing funny high pitched songs. Everyday is different for sure but still I won't trade any of this for anything. She's amazing and growing so fast. Changing already. She's started smiling when you talk to her now (Sure Cute!) and cooing as well. Such fun...

Yesterday was my six week check up from delivery. Amazing it's been six weeks already. Got a clean bill of health and am all but back to normal feeling. Did something else amazingly strange today. Gave my two weeks notice at work. Really weird for me. I've been there eight years. It's pretty much the only real job I've known AND I'm dang good at it. Why you ask then give it up. Simple, I want to be with my girl. I don't want some half baked crazy person to raise my baby while I'm out working for a living. I'd rather skip the high heels and make up and be with my girl.

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