Monday, February 23, 2009

One Week Ago...

One week ago today, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl ever. Amazing to me she's a week old already. Things have been much different than I expected. Honestly, I expected the worst, so maybe that's why I'm having so much fun. That and the fact that H really is a good baby. I enjoy being a mom MUCH more than I thought I would. I know there will be times when I'm tired and frustrated and so on but so far, I'm in total obsessive love with this little girl.

Here's a little photo montage of our first day without help (Just John, Me and Baby H):
1. J & H kickin back together resting.
2. My feet have returned!
3. H G-Dawgin for the day.
4. Night light shopping at Target
5. H's first trip to Target. She slept the entire time.
6. My first Venti Black Shaken Iced Tea in months. Lord it was good.
7. The giant pack of reading material, magazines and just stuff they send home with you from the hospital. I'm going to start on that tomorrow. Hopefully.
8. New shoes that actually fit me. I've gone up an entire size. These are really comfy and very mommy on the go.
9. My cup and one of many rounds of pills I'm taking each day per doctors orders.
10. Gave myself my first manicure and pedicure in months. Feels really nice to be able to reach my toes again.
Hazel is really a funny girl. She's very into her hands being near her face and can't sleep without them touching her face in some fashion. She smiles when she passes gas and loves to snuggle with her daddy. More fun later...

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