Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Summer Skills

So being a new mom means many many things but one is that Little Miss Baby takes up a lot of my time. Well almost all of my time in fact. This is new for me, of course, and coping with it is something I'm working on each and everyday. You truly do have to become a selfless person once you have a baby because they need you for everything. You get time while they nap but really, that's it. So something that tends to fall by the wayside is grooming and style. I've always considered myself to be fairly stylish and very interested in style and fashion but I find myself at 4pm still in my pj's with uncombed hair and chapped lips. This is just life as a new mom right? Well I realized yesterday, when my dad of all people mentioned to me that I might want to start changing out of my pj's at least each day to feel more normal, that I don't have to sit around like this each day. I just need a routine that works with my new life AND outfits that are quick and easy to put together. I've been obsessed recently with these dresses from APC:

This sort of thing plus a belted cardigan are perfect for my everyday life BUT each of these run about $250, a bit more than I was thinking of spending for a stylish yet wearable spit up rag. So I've been looking around for some other similar options. Today I stumbled upon something I'm really excited about. Simplicity patterns has teamed up with Cynthia Rowley and she's got some really sweet dress and top patterns on their site. Behold:

So I'm dusting off my amazing sewing machine and gonna craft me some new summer stuff. Thankfully I have the master sewing skills of my dad at hand to guide me with any questions I might have. I'm excited about working on some new projects. Also I'm excited to have some clothes that aren't maternity (=to big) or prepregnancy (=to small) to wear. Bring on the heat!!!

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