Monday, February 09, 2009

This Guy

Let's just talk about this guy for a minute. This Guy who has put up with endless whining, crying and sighing over the last few months. This Guy who has seemingly endless amounts of patience with my blubbering over really really stupid stuff and gets me whatever I want, most of the time without question. Thank God for Him. Thank God for his long suffering patience. Without him I would be reduced to a bloated, itchy, crying mess in the middle of my bed. He's wonderful and I can't thank Him enough for everything he's done for me and little H, whom hopefully will be making her first appearance really really REALLY soon.

We're 14 days out now. We've got the room almost done. Our hospital bags almost packed. I've (or we really) have been dealing with another strange pregnancy thing. PUPP. Can't remember what that stands for but basically it's a pregnancy rash 1 in every 150 pregnant women get. My entire body pretty much is covered in what looks like 400 billion tiny bug bites which itch like you've never even heard of. Also, apparently not much can be done about it till H comes out. I won't lie, this has made this already frustrating part of pregnancy just that much more frustrating. I've been reduced to a crying mess more than once over the last few days. Today however, on the phone with the OB Nurse I begged for some sort of help. Some sort of relief. They FINALLY prescribed some sort of anti itch cream in which John, God love Him, is out at Walgreens getting right now. Other than the crying, the itching and the hugeness...things are pretty ok. I'm ready to meet my little girl. We're both ready I think.

Also, the weather is really nice the last few days. Temps in the 60's but I guess a storm is coming. Rain I can deal with though. I just hope we don't get anymore snow.

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Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Oh, BABE. I'm so sorry about the rash, just what you need on top of being really, really pregnant. I hope the cream helped!

And yep, God bless John, he's terrific!