Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nesting In My Head

I'll admit, I've always been a tad bit obsessed with home decorating. You wouldn't know it by looking at my home though (other than that stacks and stacks of home decorating magazines I can't ever seem to part with). I have to say though that now that my house is all but freshly painted (only the laundry room has yet to receive it's final color coat) and Baby H is coming just any day now, I'm thinking more about this nesting thing. About what it means to me and how I hope to be able to teach Hazel how to make a house a cozy home. I don't really know much about that myself. I can see tons of photos of houses I love but when it comes to making my home cozy and what I would call "done", I just can't seem to pull it out. Looking around on the web today and seeing the above images at Dwell Studio makes me want to go home and get to work though. I love the colors and the fabrics. The paint colors I've gone with at home are anything but subdued, so I'm sure I'll have to modify color scheme a lot but these are great inspiration for the kind of home I want. I also have the challenge in our home of a hubby who likes everything new and then myself who likes a mixture of new and old in just the right balance. I think our house will change considerably when I'm home with Hazel. I will be there with time to think about what I want to do and then eventually time to go out and search thrift shops and such for fun and interesting pieces to make our home unique. It's pretty out of the box right now. Not bad, just plain (besides all the bright wall color).

Here's a little history of my current and past home struggles:

Let's start with the fact that I have or rather had a phobia of hanging pictures on the walls. I mean what if you hate it?! Then you have to move it and that means patching the wall and then trying to find a new place for it. I also could never get the hang of putting frame at different heights. It just weirded me out. Since Dad has been here, more and more pictures have been hung and strangely I'm starting to forget what it was like to have bare walls.

Next I need curtains. I'm horrible at this one too for some reason. You would think it would just be common knowledge, curtains. Not for me. When I think about them the only idea that comes to mind are white or cream colored linen curtains. I can't envision rods or length. Just the fabric. I still don't have any in my house. Did have in our bedroom but know they don't match the new color in there. I'll need to find a place for those.

Also, bedding. For some time now I've wanted striped bedding. I've no idea why. It's just the idea look of cozy to me. I saw this today at Dwell Studio and am just dying for it. Since I just painted our bedroom light grey with dark grey trim however, I'm thinking it might be a little to much grey in one place. Sad...
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