Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm still here. I'm still kickin. Promise. What have I been up to since the new year came to town? Well here are just a few of the wild and wonderful things going on in my world lately:

-Swollen ankles
-Bladder infections (TMI, I know)
-Overwhelming cravings for tuna noodle casserole, grilled cheese sandwiches and milk
-Sleep or thinking about needing sleep
-Lots of kicking from Little H
-Baby classes at the hospital (scary but informative)
-Presents for H are rolling in and are SO SO cute
-Panic over feeling not ready and OH SO ready at the same time
-Heartburn x5

Over all though, it's not been bad. It's starting to get where I'm just uncomfortable no matter what and so I can now see why women always say you are more than ready for the baby to come by the end. So true. We're a month and three days from D Day. Or H Day as it could be called. I wonder a lot recently about things that are common (will we be induced, will she come naturally, how will I know when it's time to REALLY go to the hospital). John and I talk about wonder who she's gonna look like, how big will she be, how we can't believe we're about to be parents. It's the weirdest thing that has truly ever happend to me and she's not even here yet. Lucky for me I have two friends that have done this within the last year and they never get tired of me asking endless questions. Thank God. I start going to the doctor every week after this weeks appointment. I seriously feel like all I do is eat, sleep, pee and go to the doctor. For anyone who hasn't experienced being pregnant, that sums it up. I know it will all be worth it once I see her face. I don't doubt that. I do doubt I'll want to have another go at this pregnancy thing though. So many people want like five kids. I don't understand that myself. I mean, awesome for them but lord I can't imagine doing this five times. I'm an only child though. Maybe that explains why I don't see the need for more than one. I loved our family just being the three of us. It just seemed right.

In other news, the house is all but done. We've got one more coat of paint for the bathroom and that's pretty much it. It looks so amazingly different than before. I still find myself being shocked by the colors sometimes but really they do look cool. I've so how got to find energy to put my rooms back together and get things at least clean before my Little H comes along. I'll work on getting photos of rooms soon.

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