Tuesday, December 26, 2006

So it's the day AFTER Christmas and I can hardly believe it. Four days flew by at lightning speed. Friday was just spent at our house. Just me and the gals. John went out shopping for "drugs" as he calls it. That means presents for me. Packed up our lives and went back over to Gran's house. Saturday started out to be a promising day. Slept in, made a lazy breakfast and generally just took our time. We finally decided however that showers and real clothing were in order. Wrapped all our gifts and then realized that Gran's house (we're currently back staying there because our lovely hot water heater went out) had NO trace of Christmas to be seen. So we rummaged through that basement rubbermaid and pulled out a few things to liven the place up. Just when it was getting good, John's friend came over and proceeded to spend four hours of my precious time with John jacking with new computer stuff. Sigh...BUT at least John got his new computer all squared away. It's a cute little thing. He loves it and I'm so glad we were able to get it. Will make school so much easier for him. Sunday started much the same but without the breakfast part. Mom and Gary rolled in around two and we headed over for a fun filled Christmas Eve dinner at Aunt Batman's house. Food was good and always nice to see them. Monday we spent some time at Gary's parents. Funny stuff. Lots of people in a little tiny house FULL of furniture. Made for some interesting times. Nice to see everyone though. John and I just spent the rest of the evening watching movies and relaxing. Weird how it didn't really feel like Christmas at all until I was driving home from our house alone with the radio on. By then Christmas was all but over. Sad. I'll get more into it next year. Oh! Two things I almost forget. We dog-sat the CUTEST baby ever. He was such a sweet little guy and was so good all weekend. I didn't want to take him back!
And the best for last! Presents! Got some CUTE things. JZ got me a docking station for my Ipod (car one and house one), some beautiful gloves, comfy jams from VS, and a cute hat for him that I wanted him to get a while back but he hated it. He still does but decided he would wear for me as a present. He's so sweet. Got a cute little white tea pot, personalized calendar and sweet pic of my pups. Gran got me a beautiful watch and some perfume from Paris (which I'm obsessed with). Over all GREAT year for presents. Fun thing is that this next weekend we get to do it all over again with John's family.
Back to work today. I rolled in a little late but nobody was here anyway. Still pretty dead even now. Oh well, back to the salt mines!

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