Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Scandal, Secrets and Scary Pink Medicine

So I'm almost on the ball here. Left work a hour early yesterday to "sneak" to Target and get all of John's stocking stuffer goodness. I was so excited to find stockings that matched our bizarre color scheme of the tree and then I proceeded to stuff that stocking till it's little seams were about to pop. I can't WAIT for him to open. Tonight I have to make Christmas. Decorate the house, make brownies for all his coworkers, wrap all the presents and manage to get a brow wax in there someplace. This morning I was less than pleased to find a nice little pile of hershey wrappers on the carpet of the living room. Seems Yorda had her own holiday party while John was in the shower this morning. I had to go to work though. I didn't have time for the vet just then. Got here and squared it all away. Called mom in a panic after reading that 2 oz of choc can be lethal. I have NO idea how many of those hershey kisses she actually ate. So we take a trip to the vet. He's a nice guy but pronounces my childs name wrong and that frustrates me. Then I realize it's because the lady at the counter miss spelled it on her chart. Way to go. Anyway, he checked Yordie out. Heart rate was good, stomach felt fine, eyes looked clear and she was jumpin around like she hadn't a care in the world. I'm sure he thought I was a over protective nut job to bring her in but I would rather be safe than sorry. We ended up with some nasty tasting (well apparently from the look on Yorda's face when I shot it down her little tiny throat) pink medicine for the next two days. Hopefully suppose to prevent any vomiting or squirts that might occur due to her pre holiday bash. Oh What A Night!!!!!

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