Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow in the MidWest???

So we didn't get the HUMUNGO storm they told us we would. At Gran's house there was really only about two inches max. Here's a pic from out front of her house.
Notice anything missing? That would be the mail box and it's not there because, well, we backed over it while sliding on ice down the driveway. It's was exciting! I'm sure eveyone else got more snow than we did and it's melting off today as I type. It's just cold. Bad cold. Nothing like 70's one day and teens the next to get your winter juices flowing!
It's weekend time. I've heard some talk of the new Bond movie in my future. Also, we are going to finish up Christmas shopping. Gonna be so happy to have it done. Also thinking about getting out all the christmas stuff and decorating. Not sure though.

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend. Be safe and DON'T work (You know who you are!!!) :)

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