Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Relationship and Sleeping Cute Boys

Holiday time!!!! Food, Food and more Food. The weather has been just lovely almost everyday. So far this season has been GREAT!!!
Here's a cute little pic of John on Turkey Day...

Also, here is an email I recieved today about being in relationship with people. It gets you to thinking about how you interact with people on a daily basis. Does me anyway...

It's all in the relationship by John Fischer
“I try to please everyone in everything I do. I don’t just do what I like or what is best for me, but what is best for them so they may be saved.” (1 Corinthians 10:33 NLT)
This is an important question to have in mind whenever we are talking to anyone: “What is best for this person?” It’s a way of both getting out of ourselves and being in a position to truly help someone else. It requires finding out more about the other person – asking lots of questions and paying close attention to the answers. My job is to gain insight into a person’s thinking so as to understand who he is, where he is at, and what he is trusting in. Only then can I have a real relationship with someone. If my primary focus is on me, and what is best for me, that doesn’t even constitute a relationship.
This doesn’t mean I never talk about myself. It means that when I do, it’s for the purpose of identifying with another person. Real relationships reveal holes in our lives that others can relate to. And if Jesus will accept someone like me, surely people can recognize that Jesus will accept them. But this only works when we tell the truth. We have to first introduce our real selves to people before we introduce Jesus; that way they can understand why we need Jesus. Out of real relationships, God has a chance to work.
Paul says that the essence of his impact on people is to introduce himself to them. As he puts it, “We commend ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:2 NIV) To commend himself is to commend Christ, because Christ is his all in all. It’s all embodied in the relationship. Think of it this way: All our relationships are godly because God is all wrapped up in the people he created. People are God’s priority. They’re ours too, if we are following him.
People can understand relationships, even if they do not trust them. Everyone wants a friend. Everyone wants someone to care. Everyone wants to know he or she can count on someone to be there. This is where Jesus picks up in true and trusted relationships. Our relationship with Jesus and with people is intertwined. Whether they know him or not, Jesus is the essential element in all our relationships. And we’ll know when it’s important for someone to know that. Most likely, they’ll be asking us to tell them.
Aim high. God places a high value on relationships. It is what makes up the stuff of eternity. Aside from God and people and the love that holds us together, what else is there?

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