Sunday, June 05, 2011

Summer In Texas

So it's summer in full swing here in Texas. Has been pretty much since we got here in March. That's part of what I love about this place. I've no idea why but the hotter it is, the more I'm grateful to be here. I've lived in the Midwest all my life and so I'm pretty used to dealing with high temps in the summer months but I'm used to those months being a lot shorter than they seem to be here in the south. So in the spirit of trying to stay cute and stylish in the summer heat, I've been thinking through every part of my daily routine. What works, what doesn't. Moving from San Francisco I lived in thin scarves and cardigans non stop. Here I can't really wear either of those things. I don't wear necklaces for the most part and so have been looking for something summery and cute for my everyday. Ta da!!!

Summer scarf made from an old t shirt. SO easy. No sewing and like five minutes tops required. I did mine without even reading instructions but just using this pic from Pinterest. I wish I could give this lovely person credit but I guess I didn't pin it to my board. Silly me. Anywho, like I said. Easy, fast, cute summer project that you will love. I promise. It makes the most simple of dress look more special and fun. Give it a try.

Back soon with summer makeup fun, more crafty projects and details on a very cool thing going on in my life that I keep putting off talking about in this space for some reason.

Stay cool, nm


Anonymous said...

Totally making a summer scarf now!! :)

Anonymous said...

love this summer scarf...and love this blog!

Dayna said...

That scarf idea is brillant!