Thursday, June 02, 2011

Me A to Z

So the lovely Elycia from Love Elycia did a little Me A to Z post over here. I thought it was a fun idea. So here's a little get to know the strangeness that is me for you today.

I'll be back soon with fun things. I've been brainstorming some blog post ideas that should be FUN!

Me A to Z- Naomi Martin

A. Age: 28. Little known fact about me, I can never remember my age and have to do math to figure it out. Goofy but true.
B. Bed size: Queen. Just big enough.
C. Chore that you hate: Putting away clean and folded clothes. I like every part of laundry but the putting away.
D. Dogs: Two. Jack Russell named Emma and an Italian Greyhound named Yorda. They were my babies before I had a baby and they still are my ever faithful Girls. The both are quirky as heck and a constant source of entertainment.
E. Essential start to your day: Coffee and a kiss for my Bee.
F. Favorite color: Mint Green and Coral at the moment. Also Yellow because it’s Hazel’s favorite and it makes me think of her.
G. Gold or Silver: Gold and glittery if possible. =)
H. Height: 5’4. Being an entire foot shorter than my husband has it’s challenges but thankfully I’m a fan of tall shoes.
I. Instruments you play: um, does the clarinet in grade school in which I was REALLY terrible at count?
J. Job title: Stay at Home Mom and Wife
K. Kids: One, Hazel. Also known as Bee, Honey Buns, Sweetie Biscuits, and MANY other names that she will hate me for when she is older.
L. Live: Chandler, Texas. Living in Texas has always been in my heart. This year we finally were able to make it a reality. I am in heaven, despite the heat.
M. Mother's name: Tammy
N. Nicknames: Miss Nomes, Kid, Nomers or my personal fav “MOMMY!!!”
O. Overnight hospital stays: Two. Both I barely remember. One when I was a baby due to pneumonia. Second when I had Bee. Thank you drugs for helping most of that stay seem like a magical carnival ride.
P. Pet peeve: When people snap at me. So don’t.
Q. Quote from a movie: “Alright, alright, alright. From henceforth, we're all to be known as Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron.” Donkey, Shrek 3. We pretty much watch mostly kid movies around here. We aren’t really all that cool on the movie thing.
R. Right or left handed: Right but I am learning to do things left handed since Hazel is a leftie. I find myself setting things up for a left handed person out of habit now.
S. Siblings: None! Although I did beg my parents for an Indian Brother for ages when I was small. Somehow I’m not really upset I never got one.
T. Time you wake up: I’ve taken to waking up late actually. Eight on most days. Hazel wakes up a little bit after that, so it’s perfect. I am a person who is typically awake a hundred times a night though. Also I have taken to staying up really late at night now that my husband works out of town during the week. I get lost in a book or on the internet. It’s a really bad habit I can’t seem to break.
U. Underwear: Um, what about it. Yes, I wear it, if that’s what you mean. Sheesh. So personal. =)
V. Vegetable you hate: Um, which do I not hate would be an easier question.
W. What makes you run late: Usually my husband. I’m nearly always on time, even with Hazel to get ready. John is always late. He can’t help it. He has complicated hair, or so I’m told.
X. X-Rays you've had: teeth, back, shoulder. Nothing interesting.
Y. Yummy food that you make: Um, I don’t really have a special thing I make that I’m known for. I just cook stuff. I do love to cook and enjoy reading about it and trying new things. I plan to dive into some of the recipes from the two food magazines and twenty five cookbooks I own REALLY soon.
Z. Zoo animal: I love owls but the last time we went to the zoo I took more pictures of the plants than that animals. I’m a dork that way.

more later, nm

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Anonymous said...

It takes John forever to get his hair done cause he has bangs...duh. Those things take time to perfect!! :P